Monday, September 16, 2019

Listen to me good, understand me! Or GET THIS BUBY!

    by    MR.   LESTER  NIXON.

( Many they call me  THE COMMANDER!!)

People falsely feel all quiet eople are,WEAK, stupid, Weird, GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE, etc Decent real people realize  QUIET PEOPLE are deep thinkers, and livers, ANALYZING people, situations, etc.

Ladies just because a REAL MAN is a gentleman to you. In his speech, deeds, actions, etc does not mean he has an ulterior motive. It does not mean he wants you in bed,  to just use you up then dump you etc. All that THE  GIRLS at work, the club, at church and or IN YOUR COVEN ETC tell you about men( ALL MEN as they say) IS NOT TRUE. Often meant to keep you from good, positive, loving relationships, control, destroy you.

I FEEL SOME REVELATION AND EXPOSURE COMING! If you do not want to ever be   EXPOSED do not hide things and or do things to get yourself  EXPOSED!TOO MANY people will LIE point at people  DOING  NOTHING WRONG to  UNDERCOVER, HIDDEN AGENDA people while THEY should point back at themselves, THEIR ASSOCIATES, CONFEDERATES, CONCUBINES, BEDFELLOWS, WTC. Lots of deflecting, people NEIGHBORS authorities, etc SICKING on INNOCENT people BY UNDERCOVER, THUGS, GANGSTERS, GANGSTAS, WHORES, BITCHES, WITCHES, SLUTS, DEMONS! THE TRUTH will always come out though.

The Cars - Drive - Who's Gonna Drive You Home Tonight - 1984

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

BOLDLY SPEAKING!: Urban mining.. By Lionel Nixon.

BOLDLY SPEAKING!: Urban mining.. By Lionel Nixon.: Below is an article by my cousin lIONEL B NIXON. I feel this article becomes more relevant each year.Read and share this truth. Please...

Tuesday, September 3, 2019